What comes with the Survivor Package?

- Skip Queue - Skip the queue > bypass the pop limit.
- Skins - Change workshop skins of items easily.
- Sign Artist - Load custom images to signs from a remote URL
- K/D Stats - Provides PVP statistics through in-game chat
- FurnaceSorter - tool for automating the process of loading and maintaining of oven types (furnaces, refineries, campfires, etc).

The Survivor Package costs only 5.50€ + VAT and is valid for 15 Servers.



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Main Server Rules:

1. No offensive language, racism etc.

2. Cheating and exploiting is prohibited. (No exploit bases)

3. Trashtalking is fine, but keep it to a minimum.

4. If you suspect or see someone breaking the rules, open a ticket in Discord. Do not write it in general chat.

5. Having allies is allowed with the following arrangements : Friendly, "no kill" alliances, but cannot roam/raid/defend with them or gift items or any other kinds of friendly relationship with your neighbor is NOT allowed. Trading through shops is allowed.

6. Writing in full caps in chat or trolling in chat will result in a kick or in some cases a ban.

7. Asking admins for ingame items will result in a chat mute/kick/ban.

8. Admin disrespect is not tolerated, as well as trying to damage or harm our community or our staff will result in a PERMANENT ban from all our services/servers.

9. Leaking/Chatting personal information about another player will result in a permanent ban without warning. In example, don't share the full name, address, workplace of another player or any information that can cause damage/problems for/to another person. We take privacy very serious and will not accept misuse of another persons private information. Despite a person having it shared in other media/games/services, we will NOT allow it on our servers or in our discord.

10. It is your responsibility to follow the grouplimit of the server you are playing on. The grouplimit for each server should be in the server description or on discord at #serverlist. If you receive a ban for breaking the grouplimit, you can appeal. To appeal please go to our discord and create a ticket.